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What we do

Ampersand creates delicious, soul-warming desserts with only top-quality, authentic ingredients. But it fulfills more than just your sweet-tooth. It’s more than just dessert – it’s a little bit of luxury, a little bit of reward that you deserve. Quality ingredients are of the utmost importance to us, but there’s more to it.

 It’s trust. It’s a product you can count on. It’s a sure bet that suits any occasion.

 At Ampersand, quality matters. But most of all – it matters to you. Our loyal customers have experienced this first-hand. We only use the best quality ingredients money can buy. Our loyal customers experience this every day. Our hope is that our customers can feel this steadfast commitment to excellence through our products. 

We’re not about following trends or fads. It’s about staying loyal to what’s worked in the past. It’s about tradition. There’s a reason why things have stood the test of time. That’s why Ampersand products make the perfect gift, for any occasion. Nothing can beat true, quality, authentic ingredients. Our commitment to perfect our products is what makes it special.

 We all trust our mother’s cooking because we all know that it’s made of the best ingredient of all time – pure, unconditional love. In the same way, our products are ones you can count on. It may not be much, but that’s what we have to offer.

We bring you authenticity you can count on
At Ampersand,
tradition is an obligation.

Yeon Lee, founder of Ampersand, opened Café La Lee in 1990 out of pure passion for the European-style café, to which she was naturally attracted during her travels. She saw that the time people spent at the neighborhood café was more than satisfying thirst or hunger. She was inspired by the idea of enjoying not only what’s on the menu, but enjoying the store’s ambiance, authentic Italian tableware, premium specialty coffee, and most importantly – quality time shared with loved ones.

We have a steadfast commitment to authenticity. To us, there’s no room for compromise. This will never change – it’s our guiding star. It’s what drives us and inspires us every day.

Ampersand’s essential attributes

We stick to our original, distinctive recipes for all our products. We’ll never let our loyal customers down.


We’re obsessed about quality. That’s why our customers can rest assured that they are only getting the finest quality ingredients.


You can count on our products. There’s always a perfect Ampersand gift for any occasion.


Not willing to compromise on established recipes and authentic ingredients doesn’t mean we’re willing to try something new. We’re constantly evaluating what new flavors our customers want.

Our customers can be confident that our products are a sure bet for any occasion

– as a gift or as a little bit of luxury for yourself.

 It’s a simple concept. Authentic ingredients create the best desserts.

 Ampersand delivers that little bit of luxury we all deserve.

Because life’s just better with dessert.

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